The Adderall EP

by Antidrive

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Adderall is a drug given to people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


released January 1, 2014

Engineered by Eric McCoy at Archer Avenue Recording Studio
Written by Chase McGuckin
Drums - Andrew Morris
Bass, Guitars, Vocals - Chase McGuckin, Trevor Sonefeld



all rights reserved


Antidrive Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: antidrive - Adderall And Handjobs
Recently the only thing that keeps me sane is keeping up with all of you, i've got a laundry list full of shit I have to do.
My plans are always falling through, I guess I'll get used to it, but sometime soon i'll find something to do with all the spare time I don't have.
Every day is full of something for me to deal with soon, so here I am looking back on all the chances I had and I fucked up. If I could ask you nicely, would you understand where I am coming from? It's not easy dealing with optimists who've robbed us from ourselves.

There's only so much I can do to hold up everything i've done and hopefully that doesn't change. You're coming with me, you can help me burn my bridges, and one more thing. Tell the Forest Acres Police Department "Fuck you" -From Me.
Track Name: The Honor In Treason
Ever since the start we knew about the things that we should have held back, and kept it locked away and safe. Nobody had shit to say, and I should have known about the danger over treason. I never thought it'd be so easy, but now all I can do is run, or get away.
I saw the dim glow last october and ran through miles of mud and woods, and hoped to catch up while I could and win the race. But then we lost our place, and I watched it flash in front of me, like it was on the T.V. Screen, and I hope you know, that I can make things right this time, so trust me. and you should know, that everything I say is a lie, and all you are to me is a waste of time, and nothing more.
Track Name: We Got So Far
And I could have sworn, about the time we met, we had cuts and thoughts and nothing better to do with the time we spent in the autumn weather, we sang along together, in the passenger seat of my car, we got so far.
Track Name: Track Four
Don't break down, because every day, every day I see all the same problems and flaws that we face, everyday, so cary on like you don't mind. Don't break, because every day, every day, I...